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Mission to save lives and

give hope to people!

Strategic objectives of Caritas Nepal

1. To empower the poor to pursue sustainable livelihood opportunities in order to reduce poverty


2. To animate people and organizations to realize basic human rights and  well being and support the emerging democracy and peace in Nepal.


3. To undertake relief and empower people to work together to reduce risks brought about by natural disasters


4. To provide humanitarian assistance to people affected by conflicts and to Nepali migrants in order to safeguard their basicrights and help them in rehabilitation.

Main cross cutting concern: Gender Equality



10419 households were provided cash grant by Caritas Nepal / CRS in Gorkha.

Caritas Nepal Earthquake Emergency Response and Relief Materials distributed.

1.Shelter Items to 70036 households of 168 VDCS

2.Food and seeds to 23534 households of 60 VDCS

3.Wash Items to 37690 households of 79 VDCS

4.CGI Roofing sheets to  24584 of 43 VDCS



Institutions supported: 246 schools were provided 553 Tent, 136 schools were provided 951 bundles of corrugated roofing iron sheets, 106 schools were provided 1326 Tarpaulins, 34 schools were provided 1136 solar lights. Accordingly, 130 Health Posts were provided 136 tents, 22 Health Posts were provided 73 solar lights, 21 Health Posts were provided 45 folding beds,.VDC offices and security units in Sindupalchowk, Nuwakot, Kavrepalanchowk were given some relief items as well (tent, corrugate iron roofing sheets, WASH kit, solar lights).


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