Who we are

Caritas Nepal is a non-profit organization solely devoted to the service of the poor, most disadvantaged and marginalized people irrespective of caste, creed, ethnicity, and nationality.

More About Caritas Nepal

What we do

Economic Empowerment
Objective #1:Vulnerable and marginalized people and communities pursue climate adaptive sustainable livelihoods for improved economic well-being.
Social Support

Objective #2: People and communities have improved social justice, human rights, and social well-being through social transformation.

Projects for social support.

Environment & DRR

Objective #3: Communities have improved resilience to disaster risks and care for mother earth.

Projects for Env. &Drr


Objective #4: People affected by disasters are able to survive with dignity and communities realize a holistic recovery and build back better.

Projects for Humanitarian

Stories of Change

Child Club Empowering Parbati and Her Family
3 months ago

Parbati Sinjali Magar, a 7-year-old girl, resides in Bhujel Gau, a village within Gaindakot municipality. Despite her parents’ involvement in agriculture and seasonal labor, Parbati’s education remains a priority. She attends Juna Purba Basic School, which is approximately 1 kilometer away from her village. Accompanied by her older sister, who is in the first grade…

Chalmaya’s story of change
7 months ago

Chalmaya Thapa, a 40-year-old woman residing in Ekletar, Gaindakot municipality-3, Nawalpur is suffering from a chronic cervical disease. For a living, she and her husband rely on agriculture, which is only sufficient to sustain them for 3 months. Chalmaya’s poor health condition restricts her ability to engage fully in agricultural activities with her husband. LOAN…

A Story of Ms. Nimkala Chauhan : Chemical to Chemical free Farming
9 months ago

Nimkala Chauhan is living in Kapilvastu Municipality Ward No. 12, Vithuva. She is from marginalized community in terms of economic condition. She has 2 sons, 1 daughter, 2 mother/father-in-law, her husband and herself altogether 7 people are living in her family. In order to fulfill their basic needs, she had taken 5 kattha (0.169 hectare)…


Farewell to Fr. Lalit Tudu and welcome to Sr. Durga Cecilia Shrestha
6 months ago

Farewell to Fr. Lalit Tudu and welcome to Sr. Durga Cecilia Shrestha as a new Executive Director. It was significant 4 years of service where we observed your professional leadership skills which made a huge difference in the lives of people in need, crisis and vulnerable situations. Caritas Nepal family would like to thank you…

International Women’s Day 2022
2 years ago

Our sisters of Caritas Nepal wished and celebrated women’s achievement, today visited women’s old aged home in Mitrapark, with small gesture of help through medical and food item support. After short interaction and emotional sharing, the team collectively call out gender bias, discrimination and stereotyping. Caritas family wishes a Happy International Women’s Day 2022. Watch…

Making difference in communities through COVID-19 response
2 years ago

Nearly two years now the Coronavirus pandemic wrecked our lives making it more fragile. With fear and insecurity are seen among communities as numerous rumors and misinformation spreading like wildfire, and many resorting to bizarre and incorrect methods of dealing with the virus. Nepal with limited resource certainly is facing humanitarian crisis and requires assistance…

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