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Caritas Nepal is a non-profit organization solely devoted to the service of the poor, most disadvantaged and marginalized people irrespective of caste, creed, ethnicity, and nationality.

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Commemorative Video on 30th Anniversary

Earthquake affected communities realized a holistic recovery

What we do

Economic Empowerment
Objective #1: Communities pursue sustainable livelihood options for reduced poverty.
Social Support

Objective #2: Vibrant, strong and influential communities realize basic human rights and reduce disaster risks.
Projects for social support.

Humanitarian Aid

Objective #3: People in emergency and humanitarian crises are empowered to cope and recover.
Projects for humanitarian aid.

Stories of Change

Reached rural location with kits
3 weeks ago

Mrs. Sarita Pariyar 27 years old lives in Khalanga, Jajarkot. She is a single parent taking care of 2 children, and agriculture wage laborer (earning around 500 per day). With her earning she has to pay her rent, feed her children, pay for their health as well as education. Upon getting ill she was in…

Nisha Malla’s contribution on CN humanitarian efforts in Dailekh
3 months ago

“First 2 weeks, I was confused and worried that I have to work closely with people who are possibly infected or recovering. And it’s human psychology that, it restricts you to act normal during these situation”, Nisha Malla our volunteer from Dailekh shared. Since June, after Nisha was appointed as field health volunteer in Dailekh…

Life would have been a Struggle without Caritas’ Support
4 months ago

Seema Khadka’s life cannot be imagined without her mother and younger sister. Seema (25 yrs) has been wheelchair bound since decades with very little communication, through sign language. The family of three is solely dependent on the income of her mother, 52 who work as a laborer in her locality.┬áIn absence of her father and…


Making difference in communities through COVID-19 response
2 months ago

Nearly two years now the Coronavirus pandemic wrecked our lives making it more fragile. With fear and insecurity are seen among communities as numerous rumors and misinformation spreading like wildfire, and many resorting to bizarre and incorrect methods of dealing with the virus. Nepal with limited resource certainly is facing humanitarian crisis and requires assistance…

Supporting hospitals in battling pandemic
3 months ago

These projects aim to facilitate and assist 20 hospitals from 14 districts with Oxygen Cylinder, Oxygen Concentrator, Pulse Oximeter, Ventura Face Masks, PPE SETs including isolation gowns, face shield, shoe cover, safety goggles, surgical head cap, heavy duty gloves, Surgical Masks, Surgical Gloves and Hand sanitizers.

Caritas initiatives to fight COVID-19 crisis in 2020 : Reflecting back
9 months ago

CN is heartfelt towards CIMOS and other international partners who despite the global challenges provided continued support to regular development projects and more specifically, COVID-19 relief and response projects.

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Invitation of Bids for construction of First floor of Health post Building

Caritas Nepal invites sealed bids from the Construction Company for the construction of the first floor of the Health post Building at Hariharpurgadi, Rural Municipality-01 of Sindhuli District. The Selection will be done according to relevant technical experience and financial bid.

Please click this notice to access full document.

Interested bidders must submit all the related documents by 3rd November 2021 before 03:00 PM.

(Local contractors are encouraged to apply and will be given priority)