Sharing on Caritas’s Earthquake Recovery Program

Caritas conducted a sharing session on its earthquake recovery-related activities in Nepal. A mid-term evaluation team led by Dr. Benedict Alo D’Rozario, shared their finding among representatives from Caritas member organizations around the world on 8th January 2018 in Lalitpur.

Dr Alo, who has an extensive experience of Caritas works in the region used to serve Caritas Bangladesh as an Executive Director for several years shared that, Caritas’s work at the ground regards to recovery has been found outstanding due to its committed staff.

“Despite initial delays at the decision-making level, Caritas work on the ground has been found with higher level indicators, however, there are small rooms for improvements in terms of management,” he said.

Caritas that used to be a small organisation had suddenly turned into a large one after the earthquake that could have been caused the small gaps as brought to attention during the sharing.

Nevertheless, the evaluation report says that Caritas has been successfully taking measures of build back better and safer with an effective community-led approach.

The recovery projects of Caritas are exclusively meant for the earthquake affected vulnerable communities, that has been supporting house reconstruction, maintaining water hygiene and sanitation, providing psychosocial supports, creating livelihood options and taking measures of disaster risk reduction.

Up to now, assisted by housing grants, skilled technicians and masonry training courses, over 1700 families have already moved into new house. These houses are built in accordance with government housing guidelines and are earthquake-resistant.

The supports do not end here; 4000 more families are rebuilding same way. The representatives from Caritas member organisations expressed how satisfied they are with the results of the project. Finally, Bishop, Paul Simick; patron of Caritas in his closing remarks, thanked all the supporting partners, stakeholders, staff and community people for smooth-running of the project.



Hotel Summit, Lalitpur


January 8, 2018
10:00 AM
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