A Nightmare; Survival of 3 months old twin babies

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It is one of the scariest incidents for any family, to see their three month old twin babies drowning in flood water. For many this incident may seem unreal, however for Dukhimaya, 50, the incident occurred in reality.

The family woke up around 2 am on 11th Aug. 2017 after the flood water started filling up in the house. They rushed to the other room to check if the babies were safe. But to their shock, they saw their twin babies drowning in the water. Without further delay, Dukhimaya’s husband quickly rescued the babies from danger while others were still in shock. This all happened in the blink of an eye, says Dukhimaya.

At present, the family members are displaced and are staying in a mobile shop at Chilariya Market. Although the family has lost their shelter but are feeling lucky to be alive. Tears roll down while Dukhimaya narrates this incident to the reporting team. She says; It was a nightmare to watch the babies escape a near death situation but I am grateful that all ended well. She adds, I think my granddaughters will grow up to be strong and brave women because they have fought death in this very small age.

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