Caritas Nepal stands in solidarity against this global pandemic, COVID-19

  • Dipendra Lamsal
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In early 2020 coronavirus pandemic affected the world, resulting humanitarian crisis. The scenario in Nepal was also becoming critical so the government forced lock down to minimize the widespread of virus. People depending on daily wages for survival were severely affected.

CN took initiation to respond this emergency taking preventive measures working jointly with our stakeholders. Immediate action plans were made and implemented, aiming to provide food security and preventive measures for safety during this pandemic.

Addressing the challenges that aroused due to COVID-19 and assure humanitarian support for the disadvantaged and vulnerable families through livelihood enhancement, medical facilities and awareness raising activities.

CN supported food relief items for sustaining during emergency and in order to ensure the hygiene and sanitation, WASH kits were distributed in quarantined centers, hospitals, police station, cooperatives and public places. Our partners at grass root level were actively working on production and distribution of masks for preventing virus from spreading. Awareness were raised on protecting ourselves from the virus through hoarding board installation, radio jingles broadcast, mike announcements. Flex print and leaflet distributions were done in all working location of CN. Handwashing platforms were constructed to ensure hygiene facilities in prominent locations.

In this time of emergency, primary concern is to assure front line health workers and police security.
This month we handed over 145 liter sanitizer and 4500 pieces of masks for the police personnel of Tripureshwor Police station on 4th September.
300 police officers and staff stationed there can utilize the provided support for a month and ensure their personal hygiene and sanitation for protecting themselves from the virus.

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