Making difference in communities through COVID-19 response

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Nearly two years now the Coronavirus pandemic wrecked our lives making it more fragile. With fear and insecurity are seen among communities as numerous rumors and misinformation spreading like wildfire, and many resorting to bizarre and incorrect methods of dealing with the virus. Nepal with limited resource certainly is facing humanitarian crisis and requires assistance for coping it. Caritas is aiming to address basic well-being and health crisis caused due to coronavirus pandemic, CN is ensuring people right to health and information through various channels as an awareness raising activities.

“I feel thankful that Caritas provided this oxygen concentration, which we are now able to use in this remote hospital of Dolakha. Being 72 years old COVID-19 patient, I was not sure that I could return back home but glad that Caritas came here to support.”

Dhana Bahadur Shiwakoti, 72 of Kalinchowk, Dolakha

The Ministry of Health and Population says it is next to impossible for hospitals to provide beds for coronavirus treatment to all those who need hospitalization. It says the health system is unlikely to sustain the frightening rise in the number of coronavirus cases in the country. It has urged people to follow health safety protocols to avoid falling sick as the death tolls above 10 k among 758 k positive cases.

Medical supplies worth 2.6 million was delivered to Dailekh District Hospital on 10th August 2021. Similarly, for ensuring health facilities in remote hospitals, on 8th August similar support was done to Jajarkot District Hospital.

“We have also appointed three health volunteers for improving medical services to COVID-19 patients during treatment. 230 visitors already received psycho social counseling from the help desk setup by us. Our toll free helpline numbers has been disseminated in 9 districts via radio for strengthening our services while fighting the pandemic.”

Janak Sharma Regional Manager, Kohalpur

Also held final medical items handover event in Kathmandu on 15th August 2021 to Sukraraj Tropical and Infectious Disease Hospital.

“The support undoubtedly will be beneficial, as we stand in front line and at central location for COVID-19 treatment and prevention. We appreciate all the support and blessings from all development organization like Caritas and CRS Nepal to fight this pandemic.”

Dr. Anup Bastola, Director of Hospital.

Caritas Nepal’s Damak team delivered emergency food relief support to 73 workers in Illam Tea Garden .”Aiming to provide humanitarian assistance for the most affected families due to disrupted income generating opportunity, today also 65 more workers of Soktim Tea Garden are receiving food relief support.” shared Devendra Pokhrel, Regional Manager, Damak.

Read news about it published in local news portal of Illam :

At present, winning COVID-19 2nd wave side by side spread of 3rd variant all over Nepal, with a rapid increase in the number of new cases and deaths, which is alarming in a low-income country with an inadequate healthcare system like Nepal. Caritas being an arm of Catholic Church is ultimately contributing on recovering and responding through multi sectorial approach. By reaching the most disadvantaged and vulnerable with medical and food relief packages CN is aiming to build a resilient communities. 

More than 5000 medical kits has been distributed in all working hospitals and isolation centers. Kits contains basic medical kits such as mask, sanitizer, hand wash, oximeter and other required items for COVID-19 patients and potential positive people staying in quarantine were reached with it.

Through CN deployed volunteers from the help desk awareness counseling and orientation were provided to more than 1000 peoples and almost half a million communities’ people are expected to reach through public service announcement on post COVID-19, child preparedness and vaccines concerns through radio jingles awareness in 9 districts. In 7 districts also our health volunteers are resolving queries through Caritas Nepal Toll free numbers. Till now more than 1000 already received this virtual orientation service.

It feels splendid that communities are coping up and committed to fight back this crisis showing solidarity with local governments, hospitals and civil society organizations.

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