Relief support for the Bhutanese refugee

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Caritas Nepal’s oldest and longest running program Bhutanese Refugees Education Program (BREP) is almost completed and its in last phase as 80 percent refugees are resettled already.

The world is going through this unpleasant incident, leaving almost 139,378 deaths, 2,074,529 confirmed cases as of 17th April reported to WHO.

In context of Nepal as of April 17, total of 16 COVID-19 confirmed cases with 1 locally transmitted case. 19432 suspected cases were analyzed and ongoing transmission is placing a huge strain on a health-care system already overwhelmed by lack of capacity. 4,901 people under quarantine in various facilities across the country and 103 were under isolation.

In this extremely difficult times of the CoVID-19 pandemic, peoples are locked down in their houses since 4 week because of which, people are facing challenges getting food supplies and other basic needed items for sustaining life. Caritas Nepal being among the key players in helping communities, as well as a crucial player in responding to the needs of the poor and vulnerable during these sort of emergency situation did relief support for 2112 refugees families in coordination with CDO of Jhapa district in Beldangi and Sanischare camp.

Food item package (10 kg rice, 1kg lentil, 1 litre cooking oil, 1 kg salt and a soap) were provided to 1600 HH in Beldangi and 512 HH in Sanischare.

Similarly, Urban refugees in Nepal (non-Tibetans and non-Bhutanese) are from different countries, who fled violence and persecution and arrived in Nepal with a hope to find safety and peace. Nepal has a long tradition of providing asylum to refugees. In the absence of national refugee legislation, and as part of its international protection mandate, UNHCR conducts refugee status determination, working closely with the Government of Nepal. Currently, UNHCR provides protection and assistance to urban refugees and asylum seekers from nine different countries. In the midst of prolonged lock-down due to COVID-19, refugees are really struggling to manage their daily subsistence. 

We would like to assure that we Caritas Nepal stands in solidarity and support with the doctors, nurses, medical staff, and all other individuals, who have been working tirelessly to help patients, despite the grave danger of getting the virus themselves during the performance of their duties. We salute the courage and perseverance of these health professionals, who sacrifice their own safety, in order to save lives during this battle against CoVID-19.

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