Tragic story of a family; lost their baby to flood

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On 13th August 2017, dozens of houses were drowned after a heavy monsoon-fed rivulet called Tengra entered human settlement in one of the villages in Sunsari district. The river caused havoc after the stream broke down the dam and flooded the village affecting hundreds of people.

After the flood, the people were compelled to live in the same space (flooded) using tarpaulin.

40 years old Janardhan Sharma, a slum dweller having a family of five was amongst the unfortunate one. 

He is the only bread winner and toils hard as a mason to feed his family.

As he lives in the slum, he does not own land or any livestock.

He said that he had a small house which he proudly called his only possession but now, the flood has snatched away that possession along with his eight month old baby girl.

“The flood took my world away because my baby is still missing”, he cried.

“It’s been 22 days and still, there are no signs of her return. If God exists then He would bring back my life.”

He remembers the night of 13th August, when the flood water started filling up the house. For safety, the family members climbed up to the thatched roof. Due to heavy rain and weight pressure, roof fell down crashing all of them into the water. This was when, the baby held by his wife got swept away by flood water.

“Life ceased for a moment”, he sighs. 

“My wife is suffering from high fever. She vomits and gets unconscious from time to time. She is facing psychological trauma due to loss of our baby”, he adds.

Few institutions are providing relief materials like cooking utensils, food items, mattresses, blankets as well as stationary items for children. But still, the items are not enough as well as have not reached the actual flood victims like him.

“I only wish to God to bring back my child to me.”

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