Disaster Risk Reduction Activity by Caritas

68 households residing at Sadakbari, Jhapa Rural Municipality are relieved now. Sano Mai, a small stream inJhapa Rural Municipality, took life of 5 people by the flood of August 2017.

People of Sadakbari and its surroundings had never experienced that massive and devastating flood through out their entire life. Flood swept away 10 houses, 2 cows, 12 pigs, 18 goats. 3 km road including 2 wooden bridges were completely damaged. 288 people of that community were unable to reach to market, government office, health centers and for other purposes. Agricultural land became deserted where they used to cultivate crops for running their daily life.

Caritas Nepal and Abhiyan Nepal, with the funding support from Caritas Internationlis, aimed to prevent the community from the upcoming flood, as the rainy season is approaching again by constructing 200 meters Levees/Earth fill embankment and sand bagging so that to prevent them from the scary overflowing riddles of Sanomai River during monsoon.

288 people have been directly benefited from Cash for Work by getting temporary employment. There are 43 members of flood affected families engaged in embank construction.