Creating an inclusive society for all persons, irrespective of their abilities and disabilities

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I am Nirmala Thapa, 40, a resident of Kaski. I have a normal house on 2.5 acres of land. My two legs can’t move below the knee.
We have a family of six with a 6-year-old daughter. Even though I am disabled, I run the house myself.
On the initiative of Caritas Nepal, the Disability Self-Reliance Coordinating Committee has joined Pokhara Metropolitan City 29 in 2019 we received financial assistance of Rs 15000. As the financial condition of my family is very weak, Caritas Nepal Field Office has provided an opportunity to join the committee where she can openly share problems and build a network and work together.

Even though my husband went abroad, it was difficult for me to support my family. I was hardly managing by daily expenses from only one sewing machine. I have added 2 machines after the financial support of Caritas Nepal. I have kept a machine in my own house and bought clothes and provided employment to 3 people. Clothes are sold from home.

The situation is much better now. I have painted the house and have expanded my tailoring business. In addition, I have built a separate toilet, bedroom and kitchen separately. After participating in this program, my self-confidence has increased, which has led to increased cooperation with local level people’s representatives and various organizations. Currently, I have regular meetings in the group, I have been saving and I have been teaching my daughter in school.
This program has provided an opportunity for the physically, mentally, visually impaired and deaf people to carry out business operation (microfinance) program without any discrimination spreading love and harmony. Coordinating with the local level people’s representatives the group has shown immense improvement and were able to change people’s mentality on disabilities among their family and society.

After Caritas Nepal provided assistance, the local government has also provided assistance and promised to do so. I am very happy about this. I am thinking of opening a shop and training center by adding more machines. I want to prove that people with disabilities can live their lives in a respectful way like normal peoples. I would like to give special thanks to the Ward Chairman of Pokhara 29 and Caritas Nepal family for this.

“Despite facing difficulty due to my disability, I work hard and try to sustain my family. This initiative of Caritas and Disability Self-Reliance Coordinating Committee has helped us to be self-sufficient.”

-Nirmala Thapa, Kaski

In order to make us self-reliant, Caritas Nepal played a crucial role in uplifting our livelihood and ensuring a just society for us. My best regards and blessings to Caritas Australia and Australian Aid for their kind and generous support.

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