Accident abroad; help back home

  • Dipendra Lamsal
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Living in an extended family and having no source of income compelled Sangeet to work in Saudi Arabia. Ha had an accident while working in a construction site, which caused partial blindness and turned his dreams and wishes into dust. Caritas Nepal referred him to PNCC and Sangeet received a compensation to open a restaurant.

CN provided him with a 3-month cooking training, which advanced his knowledge to run the restaurant smoothly. “From the support, I am able to add basic items for the restaurant. Once I advance my knowledge on cooking, I will extend my business as soon as possible”, says Sangeet.

Meet Sangeet Subba, sharing his experience on foreign employment and how Caritas played a crucial role for overcoming the challenges he faced after returning back to Nepal
Our prioritized sector of intervention, safe migration and promotion of decent work is emphasizing to provide skills to do something on their own at their own place.
Glad to have him as our stakeholder and inspire other through his thoughtful suggestions and experiences.

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