Aftermath: Rebuilding Lives in Kolchaur after the Tragic Night

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Mohan Bahadur B.K. clutched the worn photograph, its edges softened by years of loving touch. A wave of bittersweet memories washed over him. There they were, his wife and children, their smiles radiating pure joy. A life he had fought so hard for, snatched away in a cruel twist of fate.

Life for Mohan had always been a battle. The scars of the armed conflict were still fresh when he was forced to leave his education behind, seeking work in faraway India to put food on the table.

Dreams of a better future lured him to the scorching deserts of the Gulf, a path many young Nepalese men walked in search of brighter tomorrow.

But fate had other plans. Returning from Malaysia, his heart shattered to find his wife remarried, leaving him the sole guardian of their two young daughters.

Mohan BK and his elderly mother find strength in each other’s company as they seek ways to build a more permanent structure, currently residing in the temporary shelter built with assistance from the Jajarkot Earthquake Response Project.

The Night the Earth Wept

Then came the night that forever changed Kolchaur. The earth groaned, a monstrous tremor that ripped through the night, swallowing homes whole.

Mohan, attending a community event miles away, felt a sickening premonition crawl up his spine. Rushing home, his world collapsed. The house, once filled with laughter, lay in a heap of rubble.

“My six beloved faces – my 11-year-old daughter with her infectious giggle, my nephews and nieces, my kind sister-in-law – all silenced beneath the debris.”

Only the valiant efforts of the Nepal Army managed to pull three survivors from the wreckage – his remaining daughter, his mother, and a nephew.

Hope from the Rubble

Grief, a suffocating shroud, threatened to consume Mohan. But amidst the ruins, a flicker of hope emerged. The community, their spirits bruised but not broken, rallied around him.

Caritas Nepal providing psycho social counseling to earthquake survivor.

Government aid eased the burden of funeral costs, while NGOs like YARCN and Caritas became lifelines. Together, they built a temporary haven – a structure made from the salvaged timber of their lost home.

Each creak of the wooden walls held the echoes of a life once cherished, yet it was a refuge, a testament to their unwavering spirit.

Scars That Endure, A Spirit That Rises

Mohan looked at his surviving daughter, her eyes mirroring his own pain but also a spark of determination. He held her close, a silent promise echoing in his heart. They would rebuild, brick by broken brick.

The scars would forever remain, a constant reminder of the night that stole their world. Yet, they would rise, fueled by the love that remained and the unwavering support of their community.

Mohan’s story is a poignant reminder that even in the face of unimaginable loss, the human spirit endures. It is a story of resilience, of the unwavering strength found in community, and the fierce determination to rise from the ashes, stronger and more grateful for each passing day.

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