Farmers joyfully working in their field with modern agro-tools

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“My dryland will yield gold in few months’ time”

“Agriculture is the primary living source for farmers like me”, says Krishna Dhoj Sanghamfe (61), a small scale farmer from Miklajung-6, Morang. Krishna has dry land, which compared to normal land yield less, however since 15 years he has been managing family needs from the same land.

Despite the season, Krishna had not started plantation due to lack of agricultural inputs in the market. “COVID-19 devastated us. Markets were unable to fulfil our demand of seeds, fertilizers, micro nutrients needed for plantation”, says he. LSP (Livelihood Support Project) supported small scale farmers like Krishna in Miklajung amidst COVID-19. “I received Knapsack sprayer, vegetable seeds, and copper oxychloride worth NRS. 5500 and calculated the cost. If I had bought the same items outside the project then I would have to spend a lot more, “he smiles. “ I feel this year my land will yield gold with use of quality Agricultural input from LSP”, he says.

“ I don’t worry about my hands anymore, Knapsack sprayer protects me from harsh chemicals and pesticides”

Bir Bahadur Bohara like most farmers in his village grows vegetables for sale purpose. And with the income, he addresses his family needs. Bir Bahadur says, “Life was good before COVID”. He remembers selling vegetables in the nearby local market. But due to COVID, markets remained closed affecting his income. “I heard about LSP and went to ward president to include my name in the beneficiary list”, he says. Caritas made field visit to his farm after the support. During the visit, Bir Bahadur was using Knapsack sprayer in his farm. “This Knapsack sprayer is safe to spray chemicals and pesticides”, he adds. He shares that he has received vegetable seeds, plastic tunnel, and some micro nutrients which according to him will help reestablish and improve his farming. Lastly he says, “Caritas should support small scale farmers for a loner time.”

“Life would still have been a struggle without Caritas’ support amidst COVID”

Pabitra Devi Limbu (45), single and differently abled woman lives with her father in Miklajung-8, Morang. The duo are engaged in farming since many years. “I was compelled to farming as there were no other options for an illiterate and disabled woman like me”, she says. Pabitra sells her farm vegetables to support the family of two. Every year the family struggles to buy seeds and other agricultural inputs needed for the farm, as they have no spare money to do so. And this year brought privilege with LSP input package to farmers like her. She received Agri-input worth NRs. 5500 sprayer, seeds and micronutrients. She planted tomato and cabbage seeds in her 5 katha land, and hopeful towards making good money from its sale. “Now my life seems better with Input support. If LSP had not come, I would still be struggling to purchase agricultural input for my farm”, she says.

“Starting an Agricultural business may be a big challenge, but is possible”

Bimala Raya’s family has been engaged in farming and livestock since many years. They sell vegetables and livestock products to support their family. COVID-19 came as a shock to almost all people, especially to farmers like Bimala who depend solely on markets for their daily income. Due to lockdown and market closure, farmers could not sell their products as well as the price for Agricultural input has risen dramatically with increase in demand. “Many of us were unable to purchase high priced Agricultural input items from the market”, she complains. Fortunately, she was selected as LSP beneficiary and received Knapsack sprayer, tunnel, seeds, and micronutrients worth NRs. 5500. “I hope this year I will make good income from the farm”, she says as she smiles. Lastly, she thanks Caritas and discloses her plan to start agricultural product business in the near future.

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