Inspirational Janaki's will power to learn made her lead farmer

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I realized farming can be this much productive and best income generating source after I acquire IPM practice before 5 year after Caritas technicians provided us training.”, shared Janaki Rana Majha, a resident of Tansen, Palpa, an active farmer from the Majha Agriculture Learning Centre.

It  feels great that I am now able to sustain my family of four members through the earnings of farmings.


In 2078, I had the opportunity to participate in a season-long IPM farmer’s field school that was conducted under the financial support of Caritas Nepal in coordination with Tansen Municipality.

I was growing vegetables without any technical knowledge and was not able to achieve the desired results. The poor production was a result of my lack of proper knowledge about managing diseases and pests. Due to this, I was not satisfied with my occupation, and it was difficult for me to support my family.

The training included 25 other farmers. This training changed my farming techniques and methods. I learned how to make different types of bio-pesticides using locally available materials, which also helped to reduce the cost of farming as I no longer had to purchase excessive chemical pesticides from the market. We now have fresh and organic vegetables. As a result of this training, I started a vegetable farming and nursery raising business on 3 ropani of leased land. My nursery business has flourished so well that last year I earned 1.5 lakhs from selling the seedlings of cauliflower, cabbage, broccoli, tomatoes, chillies, onions etc. This year, I have a target to earn up to 2 lakhs from the nursery. According to her, 4 thousand support from the budget of Agriculture learning Centre encouraged her to be more laborious.

My great support to those people who cannot produce nursery by themselves make her happy from inside as she is able to help people from her work.

Inspired from her other people are doing vegetable farming even in their home surroundings in her community and became commercial farmers.

On one side her great work for her community is contributing to social development and on the other, she has earned both name and fame from this business. Therefore, I would like to thank Caritas Nepal and Tansen Municipality for this fruitful training, which has helped to improve my financial status as well as my relationship with my family and society.

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