Life would have been a Struggle without Caritas' Support

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Seema Khadka’s life cannot be imagined without her mother and younger sister. Seema (25 yrs) has been wheelchair bound since decades with very little communication, through sign language. The family of three is solely dependent on the income of her mother, 52 who work as a laborer in her locality. In absence of her father and other male members, her mother takes care of everything, from food, to all the other basic needs including diaper for Seema. When COVID-19 shocked the world, everyone including Seema’s family was hugely affected from it. Due to Government announced lockdown, her mother like many informal workers had no job/income to support family. “The only worry I had was to take care of Seema’s basic needs, mainly her adult diaper”, her mother said. 

“The support was indeed a big relief to us, along with ration, we also received 15 packets of sanitary pads and 3 packets of diaper for my paralyzed daughter (Sima Khadka).”

Months of market closures with no income, and very little saving, the family was already struggling even to address the basic family needs. With no male members in the family and close relatives, they were on the verge of complete break down. Moreover, taking care of Seema’s personal items (pads and diaper) was additional challenge.

Seema’s mother heard about relief support from Lalupate Women Agriculture Cooperative (supported by Caritas). Since the support was meant for vulnerable people like Seema. They were approached and included in the support that included food (rice, dal, oil, beaten rice, salt), soap and diapers. According to her mother, the package would last a month. It was indeed a very thoughtful support that helped them literally survive that month.

Lastly, she thanks Caritas on behalf of her family mainly from Seema’s side for life-saving thoughtful support, and hopes the support was life savior to other 89 HHs too, that was part of the same relief activity during first wave of Corona. 

On 11th June 2021, Caritas was able to reach 15 households (people living with disabilities) of Godawari municipality (ward no. 1) with food relief package (Rice 25kg, Lentil 2 kg, Sugar 2 kg, Salt 1kg and Oil 1 liter). This support targeted most vulnerable cooperative members, families of Lalupate Women Cooperative and Gomachaur Dalit Women Cooperative.

Caritas Nepal’s Cooperative Empowerment Initiatives empowers small holders farmers, and helps upgrade commercial enterprise business all over Nepal through more than 30 cooperatives.

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