Nepali Migrant Workers Tell Their Stories | What Foreign Employment means

  • Dipendra Lamsal
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1,000 to 1,800 people from Nepal go abroad for foreign employment every day. 75 percent of them are unskilled. Only 24% are semi-skilled, 1.5% skilled. This is the reason why we have been working for ensuring safe migration promoting decent work.

With the support of Caritas Germany our safe migration project “Ensuring safe Migration of the most Vulnerable people through Awareness and Capacity Building (SAMVAB) is ensuring effective protection of the rights of migrant workers. We raise awareness among people who aspire to go abroad, we provide them with vocational trainings to be well prepared to find decent work and we assist them to set up small enterprises.

Meet these three people from Lalitpur sharing their experiences with foreign employment and learn how we helped them find decent work in their home country.

Within the framework of SAMVAB project we have been conducting orientation programs for empowering the potential migrants and returnees. Emphasizing on minimizing the unsafe migration we have been providing training to young people so that they can find decent employment opportunity in their own country.

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