Nisha Malla's contribution on CN humanitarian efforts in Dailekh

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“First 2 weeks, I was confused and worried that I have to work closely with people who are possibly infected or recovering. And it’s human psychology that, it restricts you to act normal during these situation”, Nisha Malla our volunteer from Dailekh shared.

Since June, after Nisha was appointed as field health volunteer in Dailekh District Hospital, she has counseled and oriented more than 300 people who are visiting there for diagnosing.

“The scenario here is sensitive as people lack proper majors and equipment to take precautions. They come here without mask and idea of social distancing is bit challenging to be excepted here. So, preventing the spread of the virus is crucial, as its likely to be transmitted easily.” she added.

Nisha Malla, a volunteer appointed by CN giving counseling patient on precautions those should be considered during COVID-19 infection in Dailekh.

Caritas with the support from Catholic Relief Service is dispatching the consignment of medical equipment as well. Almost 30 hospitals from different locations of Nepal are being assisted for battling the pandemic. Nisha being a front line health worker in such a remote location feels that people there are scared thinking that once they suffer from Corona they will die.

“My responsibility now is to assure and convince community people that Corona is just a respiratory disease and it can be won! We are planning to put the helpline number here in hospital so that people can raise their queries via telephone as well.”

Nisha feels that now people are bit relaxed and somehow motivated. People in cities can get proper medical facilities in right time but Nisha does not want to see people in villages face bitter consequences due to lack of proper treatment. She also appealed and wished that medical equipment those were supposed to reach Dailekh will reach soon.

As Nepal is facing mid monsoon crisis as well. Road transport are halted due to flood and landslide. Which is hampering the supply of medical items in required locations. But it is all the contribution of field volunteers like Nisha because of which Caritas humanitarian works are being recognized and admired by our community partners and stakeholders.

We celebrate and salute those heroes who are selflessly and tirelessly giving their commitment on creating just society with Caritas.

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