Reached rural location with kits

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Mrs. Sarita Pariyar 27 years old lives in Khalanga, Jajarkot. She is a single parent taking care of 2 children, and agriculture wage laborer (earning around 500 per day). With her earning she has to pay her rent, feed her children, pay for their health as well as education.

Upon getting ill she was in despair- was able to take proper care of herself and could not manage healthy foods to eat, and also was worried of not being able to work in agriculture work season time.  As she had COVID 19 symptoms and tested positive due to remote location, Pariyar walking all the way hours of downhill and uphill was impossible for treatment.

Our volunteers Ms. Kiran Malla (Certified Medical Assistant) from Help desk at District Hospital Jajarkot came to know about her and communicated with her through phone.

People who do not have anyone to support, God is always there and she though Caritas was sent to her by the grace of the God during the time of need.”

Sarita Pariyar,27, Khalanga

After getting the details of her location, the volunteers were able to reach the destination within 2 hours. She received Home Isolation Kit with a short orientation on basic preparedness and use of kit such as thermometer and oximeter. Further she was also briefed about COVID precaution and remedies to recover from it.

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