Rising Above Hardship: The Story of Durga Pariyar

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Getting married at the tender age of 15 followed by the loss of two children by the time you’re 25 may sound like a nightmare, but for Durga Pariyar from Jajarkot, it’s a harsh reality.

At 25, she’s already a mother of three, residing in a temporary shelter set up as part of the Jajarkot Earthquake Response Project.

Situated within the shelter cluster at Nalgaad 1 Kalpat, this temporary dwelling, while not fully substituting their previous homes, offers refuge from the weather elements and a sense of security.

Pariyar family in front of their temporary shelter.

Their original homes were devastated by the earthquake that struck on the night of November 2, 2024.

During that tragic night, as her husband was out in pursuit of work, Durga faced the heart-wrenching loss of her two sons, unable to be saved after being trapped beneath the debris, succumbing to the disaster.

Fortunately, her 18-month-old daughter was sleeping next to her, and in the moment of crisis, she instinctively protected her when their house came falling. Despite her injuries, she refused to let any harm come to her daughter.

“With the support from several humanitarian organizations we have received relief packages including foods and necessities which has supported us during these difficult times,” she says.

Unable to leave his wife and only daughter behind and go in search of work, Aakash Pariyar is at home substantially doing farming, Durga continues to persevere, finding solace in the daily routines of farming and caring for their daughter.

Together, they navigate their grief with courage and resilience, determined to carve out a future filled with hope and possibility.

As they stand within the temporary shelter, Durga reflects on the challenges they have faced and the strength they have discovered within themselves.

Despite the hardships they have endured, she remains hopeful for the future, knowing that with love, determination, and the support of their community, they can overcome even the darkest of times.

Durga Pariyar’s late sons during their last Dashain together.

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