Taking action: First step to initiate safeguarding in the community

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In 2010, Durga Ku Bayadi migrated from Doti to Kanchanpur with her newly married husband and family. A young 22 year at that time, she decided to follow her passion to teach in Shree Samashksha International School.
Her nightmare began when she surprisingly became very ill in the year 2020. She had a mild fever, with unbearable pain and weakness so she was admitted at Seti Provincial Hospital, Dhangadhi.
“When the treatment took time, my mother-in-law forcefully discharged me and brought me home. They put me in a closed room without any medical treatment. I could not get up on my own. Visitors were not allowed. Even my husband, was avoiding me”, she shared. Without any support from her family and her husband being in India for work, it was a challenge she faced alone.

Until, Dasi Bhandari facilitator of Pritivi cooperative came to know about her. She became member of Shree Prithvi Pashupalan Women cooperative Ltd. in 2017; one of the cooperative financially and technically supported by CN through capacity building activities and also for sustainable livelihoods and social well-being of its member. Through cooperative CN was empowering women to raise their voice against the gender based domestic violence and fight for ones ‘own right and safety, this cooperative has been working in coordination with the municipality, local ward office and police station to give just to the victims and create a safer environment to live.
Cooperative manager and volunteers are trained by CN to handle such cases. Immediate actions were taken. It was difficult to convince the family because of the orthodox belief in Shamanism.

“I feel I got a new life. I am grateful to all those who supported me in my times of difficulty”, Durga expressed.

So, the cooperative informed the local police. When the police and the journalist arrived, they had already taken her out of the back door. Durga recalls the incident, “My body was not moving but I could hear everything; I was unable to speak. The police team found me, I was so relieved. They interrogated me and send me to hospital for medical treatment at Dhangadhi Seti Provincial Hospital. Later, I was referred to hospital in Kathmandu for further treatment.”
Now she is living her life in her own terms; mentally and physical being strong. Her husband has returned home with the help of Ms. Bhandari. He helps in household chores and for her treatment.

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