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Caritas Nepal is a non-profit organization solely devoted to the service of the poor, most disadvantaged, and marginalized people irrespective of caste, creed, ethnicity, and nationality.

The organization was founded in 1990 by the Catholic Church to respond to the devastating floods and other natural disasters that occurred.

Caritas Nepal applies animation approach and sector-specific participatory approaches to empower the poor, marginalized, and disadvantaged class of people to reduce poverty, hunger, secure humanitarian assistance in the situation of man-made and natural emergency and therefore to realize social justice and peace.

With the vision of creating peaceful, equitable and just society, where there is solidarity among people and respect for human dignity, Caritas Nepal works on the sectors of social justice and community development, disaster risk management, sustainable livelihoods, migrants, refugee and anti-trafficking, emergency and recovery supports as well as advocacy on social concerns.

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As the social arm of Catholic Church in Nepal, our mission is to build resilient communities capable of leading their own development by empowering the marginalized, disadvantaged and vulnerable communities.


Peaceful, equitable and just society, where there is solidarity among people, respect for human dignity, and care for mother earth.

Registered as a Non-Governmental Organization under Nepal’s District Administration Office, Lalitpur, with the registration no: 85/047/48, and in accordance with the Society Registration Act 2034 B.S, Caritas is the social service arm of the Catholic Church in Nepal and member of the Caritas International confederation and Caritas Asia.

It is also affiliated with Nepal’s Social Welfare Council (SWC) under registration no: 248-356.

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